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WillsContemplating end of life is never an easy discussion. However, designing a will is a necessity to ensure that your estate is handled in the manner in which you desire when the time inevitably comes. You want to be sure that your remaining assets are allocated according to your wishes, and not subject to the State’s mandated disbursements. An attorney experienced with drafting wills is one way to ensure that your estate is distributed to the proper persons in a timely and efficient manner.

Guaranteeing the Validity of Your Will

The Statute of Wills sets forth specific requirements for drafting and maintaining a valid last will and testament. The experienced lawyers at the Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC will work with you to guarantee that your will meets these standards. To safeguard that your estate is divided according to your desires, and not subject to state-supervised intestate succession, a valid will is a must. All too often, lack of a valid will leads to intra-family disputes about allocation of assets. In some cases, this can even lead to a will contest proceeding. You deserve the peace of mind of knowing that when you are gone, your property will be disbursed properly. Let the attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC help you achieve that peace of mind.

Contact Us Today for a Will Consultation

The team at the Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC is available for consultations regarding all of estate planning needs. Whether to look over your current will, or to begin the formulation of a new will, we are available at your convenience to meet and discuss your personal needs. Contact us at 914-220-1086, or via email to schedule your initial consultation. You deserve to have a comprehensive and precise last will and testament—and so do your future beneficiaries.

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