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Power of Attorney / Health Care ProxyIt is difficult to envision a time when one is unable to make healthcare decisions for oneself. All too often, however, such a time does occur. With a previously documented health care proxy, you can ensure that your desired medical treatment is followed. A health care proxy assigns a trusted close relation the ability to speak for you and make decisions based both on his or her judgment, and your previously stated desires. Appointing an agent through proxy affords you the peace of mind that someone you know and trust will be looking out for your interests in the event that you are unable to do so.

The Purpose of a Healthcare Proxy and Power of Attorney

A health care agent functions as a spokesperson for the individual unable to communicate his or her medical treatment desires. By filling out the healthcare proxy document, you are able to delineate your future wishes. And by assigning this proxy to a healthcare agent of your choice, you can rest assured that these wishes will be looked after. It is important to note that designating a healthcare agent through proxy has no effect on an individual still capable of making his or her own decisions. Only when one is deemed incapacitated does the proxy take effect.

When an individual completes a power of attorney, he or she grants certain legal authority to another person. Much like healthcare proxy functions for medical decisions, power of attorney allows an agent to function as a decision-maker in the event that the individual granting power of attorney becomes incapacitated.

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