Other Questions Asked In Personal Injury Cases

How Can People Unintentionally Hurt Their Personal Injury Claim Or The Amount Of Recovery?

The biggest mistakes made now are on social media. If you plan on being on social media and having a personal injury case, you need to be very careful. For instance, if you are claiming in your personal injury case that you broke your ankle and you can no longer go skiing or play basketball, you don't want to post pictures of yourself playing basketball or going skiing. These are things that are going to be found by the defense counsel or the insurance company, and they are going to hurt the amount that you can recover as a result of your case.

Another thing is that some personal injury victims give statements to the at-fault party's insurance company. That can come back to hurt their chances of receiving monetary compensation for their injuries.

What Are Some Of The Biggest Challenges That People Face When It Comes To Dealing With Personal Injury Claims?

One of the biggest challenges in some personal injury cases is bias against people pursuing injury cases. Many times, particularly in conservative venues, jurors enter the proceeding with incorrect views and pre-conceived opinions of the injured party. Without even hearing the first word of the trial or seeing a piece of evidence, some potential jurors may view the victim as “faking it” or having somehow “hit the lottery.” That is why it is an important part of our job as attorneys to professionally conduct jury selection and weed out the potential jurors with such biases. 

Another challenge for the victim in personal injury cases is to remain patient. These cases can, in some instances, require significant time and resources to gather evidence, perform legal and medical research, take and defend depositions, court appearances, motion practice, trials, etc. We have a proven track record of resolving our cases in a timely manner, yet sometimes it takes time to convince or prove to the insurance companies the negligence of the at-fault party and the severity of the injuries suffered. 

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