$490,000 Nursing Home Neglect Settlement - Kings County

A Brooklyn nursing home resident suffered a large Stage IV sacral bedsore.  The bedsore recurred a few months after healing.  She also suffered a fall resulting in a fracture of the right foot at the same facility.

Confidential Nursing Home Abuse Settlement - Richmond County

Client developed severe Stage IV pressure sore on her sacrum while a resident at a local nursing home.  The pressure sore became infected, resulting in her death. Experts in nursing and geriatrics were ready to testify at trial.

$375,000 Fall/Fracture and Bedsore Settlement - Queens County

A ninety-five (95) year-old female suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, ostearthritis and dysphagia, suffered a fractured right hip due to a fall at a Queens Nursing Home.  She then developed Stage IV pressure sores to the sacrum and both heels at the same facility.

$350,000 Nursing Home Bedsore Settlement - Bronx County

A seventy-three (73) year old retired factory work developed a Stage IV pressure ulcer to the sacrum.  A Stage IV pressure ulcer is defined as a "full thickness tissue loss exposing bone, tendon or muscle." Osteomyelitis, an infection of the bone, was diagnosed and multiple debridements were required.  During a surgical debridement, a scalpel or other surgical tool is used to cut away dead tissue.  The wound measured 12 x 12 x 7 cm.

$312,500 Nursing Home Bedsore Settlement - Bronx County

Client developed multiple Stage IV bedsores to sacrum, hip, heels and ankles.  The sacral ulcer required multiple debridements.

$225,000 Nursing Home Settlement - Orange County

Eighty-six (86) year-old resident at an Orange County nursing home fell and fractured her hip.  The fracture was not recognized immediately.  She developed  bedsores due to her immobility.

$215,000 Nursing Home Fall Settlement - Queens County

Queens nursing home failed to implement an appropriate plan of care to prevent falls.  Client fell five times over a six month period.  The last fall resulted in a subdural hematoma.

$170,000 Nursing Home Neglect Settlement - Orange County

Plaintiff, a 74 year-old married male, died as a result of an Orange County nursing home's failure to monitor and act upon signs and symptoms of dehydration, malnutrtion and infection (Clostridium Difficile "C-Diff").  The unrecognized infection lead to septic shock and death.

$150,000 Nursing Home Neglect Settlement - Bronx County

An 82 year-old nursing home resident suffered two falls resulting in a fractured left humerus and a bleed in the brain (intraparenchymal hemorrhage) at a Bronx nursing home.  Neither injury required surgery.  This matter was settled pre-suit at the request of the client.

$150,000 Nursing Home Bedsore Settlement - Nassau County

Our client, a 91 year-old nursing home resident, suffered a Stage IV pressure ulcer to the sacrum due to the staff's failure to turn and position her at least every two hours.  She entered the facility with a Stage I pressure ulcer.

$150,000 Nursing Home Fall Settlement - Westchester County

An eighty-two (82) year-old male resident at a Westchester County Nursing Home fell and fractured his hip requiring surgery.  He was at the facility for rehabilitation after a gall bladder procedure.

$120,000 Nursing Home Fall Settlement - Westchester County

A 95 year-old female fell while unsupervised by staff at a Westchester County nursing home.  As a result, she suffered a fractured hip that was repaired surgically (ORIF with pins and screws). 

$90,000 Nursing Home Fall Settlement - Dutchess County

Six (6) days after her admission for short-term rehabilitation, our client fell and fractured her right hip. A right hemi-arthroplasty was performed the next day.

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