$2,000,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement - Failure to Diagnose Cancer - Westchester County

The plaintiff, a 37-year-old grocery store worker, claimed that as a result of the failure to diagnose, she suffered from breast cancer that has metastisized to her liver and bones, causing scarring and requiring a radical mastectomy and two reconstructive surgeries.

$1,950,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement - Anesthesiologist Malpractice - Westchester County

61 year-old male suffered oxygen deprivation during a routine colonoscopy.  The anesthesiologist failed to provide appropriate sedation and properly monitor our client's oxygenation during and after the procedure.  Our client remained in a vegetative state for over three years until his death.   

$1,100,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement - Failure to Treat Kidney Stone - Westchester County

This case involved the wrongful death of a 54 year-old, self-employed caterer.  Despite the presence of a kidney stone and a decline in the plaintiff’s condition (vomiting, fever, persistent nausea, chills, headache, dry mouth, low systolic blood pressure, and an inability to urinate) the treating urologist failed to remove the kidney stone, failed to consult an infectious-disease specialist and failed to return to the hospital when the plaintiff's condition worsened.

$1,000,000 Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death - Queens County

A woman in her mid-fifties died from an ischemic bowel following complaints of abdominal pain and diarrhea. Physician could not offer a valid reason for missing ischemia during colonoscopy, and no further studies were performed. Subsequently, an abdominal x-ray revealed free air in the abdomen. Despite emergency abdominal surgery, the patient died the next day.

$1,000,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement - Bronx County

Client was brought to the emergency room and admitted. A week later she underwent surgery to repair a tear in her esophagus. About a year after her discharge it was discovered that a 3 foot long CVP guide wire that ran from her right thigh through her chest and into her heart had not been removed. After four years of extensive investigation, depositions, expert and trial preparation, settlement was reached during trial.

$630,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement - Westchester County

Defendants failed to properly diagnose and treat choriamnionitis during labor and delivery.  Infant suffers from cognitive and motor deficits.

$500,000 Medical Malpractice Verdict - Westchester County

Our client, a ninety-six (96) year old female, developed a Stage IV pressure ulcer at a Westchester Hospital.  As a result of the ulcer, a special bed was used at an area nursing home.  She subsequently fell out of the bed and suffered a fractured femur.  The ulcer took many months to heal and required debridement procedures. The jury found the nursing home to be 60% responsible for the injuries and hospital to be 40% responsible for the injuries.

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