Negligent Supervision at a School or Day Care

Negligent Supervision at a School or Day Care

It is not easy for a parent to entrust the care of his or her children to another. In a society in which many families feature two working parents, however, this is often a necessity. Parents expect and deserve the peace of mind that when they are cared for by others, their children will be placed in a safe, secure, accident-free environment. Often, parents pay quite a sum of money to these caretakers for this peace of mind. At times, this trust is placed in the wrong hands.

Schools, day care centers, and their respective workers must work to create a safe environment for the children under their supervision. They are bound by New York law to do so. In fact, teachers and day care workers are bound to act in such a manner as to take on the responsibilities of the parent. In other words, these workers must protect the safety of your children as if they were their own. When this level of care is not taken, accidents and injuries can occur.

Anyone who has cared for a child can attest that the slightest lapse in concentration can result in disaster. Accidents can happen on the playground, in the lunchroom, or just about anywhere else. As a society, we demand that those whom we entrust to guard our children keep them safe both from each other, and from themselves.

The results of negligent supervision can take many forms. Broken bones, choking, and abuse at the hands of fellow children or supervisors are some examples. Failure to adequately supervise, especially when this failure results in injury, is unacceptable.

As parents ourselves, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC understand and can sympathize with your concerns over your child’s well-being. When an injury occurs as a result of negligent supervision, it is time to take action. The personal injury attorneys at Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC will diligently fight for your rights, and the rights of your child, to achieve a just and satisfactory result. With over forty years of personal injury experience, our lawyers have the expertise to evaluate your case and bring the offending negligent institution to justice.

If you feel that your child has been injured due to negligent supervision at a school or day care facility, contact the personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC today. With several offices throughout the New York area, we will set up an initial consultation at your convenience. And with experience in New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, and Long Island, you can have confidence that we will be able to handle your case wherever it took place. Contact us today, and let us start to help.

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