What is a Leptomeningeal Cyst?

A leptomeningeal cyst is a growth that can develop after an infant’s skill has been fractured.  Though rare, a cyst can form when the baby’s arachnoid membranes become entrapped between the edges of the skull fracture.  The condition can lead to erosion of an infant’s skull.

How Can an Infant’s Skull be Fractured?

An infant’s skull is very fragile and can easily be fractured.  During a vacuum extraction, a procedure in which a doctor uses a vacuum-like device to help deliver a child during labor, the device’s suction may accidentally fracture a baby’s skull.  During a forceps delivery, doctors use special tongs to help deliver a baby.  In some cases, the pressure from these tongs can fracture a child’s skill.  Skull fractures are serious and can lead to lifelong medical complications if left undiagnosed and untreated.

Are Leptomeningeal Cysts Serious?

Yes.  Left untreated, leptomeningeal cysts can cause permanent brain damage.  The brain damage can lead to seizures, hemiparesis, mental retardation and other issues associated with neurological damage.  In some cases, such cysts may not develop until years after the original skull fracture during birth.  In other cases, doctors may misdiagnose the condition.

How is the Condition Diagnosed and Treated?

Leptomeningeal cysts are easily diagnosed.  Doctors can order X-rays, CT scans or MRI scans to detect the growths.  Once detected, doctors can then perform surgery to repair the condition and prevent further complications.

How Can Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC Help?

If your child suffered from a skull fracture during birth, Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC may be able to help.  In some cases, such fractures can lead to leptomeningeal cysts, a serious condition that can have a lifelong impact on your child.  Doctors may fail to diagnose the condition, placing your child at an increased risk of neurological damage.  If you retain our firm, we will thoroughly investigate your claim, including an extensive review of your child’s medical records before, during and after delivery.  If your child’s injuries could have been prevented, we will aggressively seek to recover compensation from those responsible.

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