Is There A Difference Between Assisted Living Facilities And Nursing Homes?

Yes, there is a difference between assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes do not provide the same level of care. Nursing homes, or more specifically, skilled nursing facilities, provide care 24 hours seven days a week. Residents of assisted living facilities, usually do not require that same level of care or supervision. A lot of assisted living facilities provide meals for the residents and activities, but other than that, the residents are independent. In nursing facilities that is not the case.

Are Assisted Living Facilities Not Liable For Any Injuries Caused To It’s Residents?

Assisted living facilities are sometimes liable for injuries caused to their residents. These cases are considered on a case-by-case basis. Each resident at an assisted living facility does have to be evaluated by a nurse or a doctor, and they do have to put a plan in place for the care, and the specific level of supervision required for that resident. There are instances where an assisted living facility can be held liable for either a fall or neglect of one of its residents. There are also a large volume of regulations in place for assisted living facilities, and if an assisted living facility fails to abide by one of those regulations and it causes an injury, they can be held liable.

What Are Common Types Of Cases That Arise From Nursing Homes And Assisted Living Facilities?

The most common type of case in both assisted living and nursing home facilities, are falls that result in fractures. The other common injuries that we see, are the development and progression of bedsores, sometimes referred to as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers.

What Sort Of Evidence Is Required In Nursing Home Abuse Claims?

It's important to get statements from any witnesses, obtain all of the relevant medical records, which should document exactly what happened, either on that day in the case of a fall, or over the time period where the bedsore developed. If there's any photographs or any videos, those can be very helpful, and are important in putting together a case against a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

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