Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack or Stroke

Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack or Stroke

Despite advances in treatment and recovery techniques, the words “heart attack” and “stroke” are still frightening to hear for those who are at risk or have suffered from them in the past. Either of these emergencies can cause death or permanent disability if not immediately diagnosed and treated. Failure on the part of the treating physician to expediently recognize the signs and symptoms of either a heart attack or a stroke amounts to negligence, and can have deadly consequences for the patient.

When a patient complains of chest pain, shortness of breath, or pain in the arm, a doctor should immediately investigate for a potential heart attack. Additional factors, such as smoking, obesity, and high cholesterol can hint that the symptoms displayed could be caused by a heart attack. Recognizing these warning signs promptly can prevent irreparable heart damage or even prevent death.

Like heart attacks, strokes have distinct warning signs as well. Partial numbness on one side of the body, loss of balance, slurred speech or the inability to speak, and loss of vision may all signal the onset of a stroke. A physician must immediately determine what type of stroke the patient is having, the location of the stroke, and any and all brain damage that has occurred or is likely to occur. A timely diagnosis can mitigate the long term effects of a stroke and make for an easier period of recuperation for the stroke victim.

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