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Drug PossessionThe New York Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC have over forty years experience in successfully representing those accused of drug possession (controlled substances or marijuana).  According to government statistics, over 1.5 million people were arrested nationwide in 2002.  In New York, the Rockefeller laws require the imposition of harsh sentences in many drug cases.

Article 21 of the New York Penal Law governs offenses involving controlled substances, including cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamines, and prescription drugs (vicodin, oxycontin and codeine).  Depending on the amount/weight of the substance recovered, charges can range from a misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance to serious felony charges.  Regardless of the charge, the NY Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC will aggressively represent your interests and achieve the best possible disposition whether it be through negotiations with the District Attorney, motions, hearings or trial.

Article 22 of the New York Penal Law governs offenses involving marijuana possession and sale.  Marijuana cases have become more prevalent in recent years.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in aggressively representing the interests of clients charged with marijuana offenses.  

Our attorneys work to preclude the introduction of drug evidence in appropriate circumstances by arguing that authorities failed to abide by search and seizure laws.  We regularly challenge the "legality" of searches.  

Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, is a law firm dedicated to defending the accused.  If a plea offer from the District Attorney is not acceptable to you, we stand ready to take your case to trial.  Our attorneys have successfully achieved acquittals for many defendants throughout New York.  For a sampling of our results, please visit our Notable Cases page.

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