Birth Injuries (gynecological, obstetrical)

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Birth Injuries (gynecological, obstetrical)When parents first learn that their child suffers from a disability, they are understandably overcome with many emotions.  Their number one priority is to tend to the child’s needs and get him or her to the appropriate medical specialists.  It is often not until months or even years later that parents consider the possibility that negligence on behalf of the physicians and/or hospital staff during the pregnancy may have resulted in the baby’s injuries.

At the Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC, our New York attorneys provide compassionate, yet aggressive representation to families dealing with the devastating injuries suffered by infants due to negligent pre-natal care or labor and delivery.  If you are interested in finding out more about your options, please contact us.

Causes Of Preventable Birth Injuries

A birth injury may occur at any time during a pregnancy.  Some of the more common serious birth injuries suffered by infants include brain damage, Cerebral Palsy, paralysis, infections, fractures, Erb’s Palsy, and death.  In many instances, thers horrific injuries could have been prevented.  Below please find a listing of common acts of medical malpractice that result in injuries to infants:

Failing to properly respond to indications of fetal distress;
Failing to perform a timely c-section;
Negligent use of forceps or vacuum;
Failing to act upon signs of infection in the mother or fetus;
Failing to perform appropriate pre-natal tests;
Mismanaged pre-natal care that results in premature birth.

Many of the above acts of medical malpractice have catastrophic consequences for infants and their families.  The infants often develop problems with motor skills, senses, muscles, brain development, and many other areas. The expenses to pay for a life-time of necessary therapies, medical procedures, assistive devices, and home health care associated with birth injuries can be very high and very difficult for a family to afford.

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