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Assisted Living FacilitiesOften, an elder loved one reaches a point at which he or she is no longer capable of fully caring for him or herself. A nursing home is not always the correct answer to this problem. Sometimes elders are able to maintain everyday functionality, they simply need additional supervision to do so. In such circumstances, an assisted living facility may be the answer. In an assisted living environment, our elderly loved ones are able to retain a sense of autonomy, while their relatives can take comfort in the idea that their elderly relatives are not alone, subject to the perils that solo living at an advanced age can bring. Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case in a nursing home, assisted living residents can be the subjects of abuse at the hands of the facility staff.

Protecting the Rights of Assisted Living Residents

Although in most cases residents of assisted living facilities are better able to care for themselves than nursing home residents, they are still in need of care and supervision. Much like their nursing home counterparts, residents of assisted living facilities are prone to injuries due to falls, pressure sores, physical abuse, malnutrition, and general neglect. It is the responsibility of the facility staff to ensure that accidents and neglect do not occur. If you feel that a loved one has been subject to neglect or abuse in an assisted living facility, the team at Gallivan and Gallivan is here to help.

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